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Selasa, 21 Juni 2011


June 22th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAKARTA! I found so many tweets that dedicated to our beloved city. And also on my BlackBerry Messenger. A lot of my friend also put 'Happy Birthday Jakarta' on their Personal Message. Fyuuuh, Jakarta isn't young anymore. But still. I doooooo loooooveeeeeeeeeee Jakarta. LOL

So, most of you must ask me, "Why did you love Jakarta that much when Jakarta wasn't good enough for your life? The crowded atmosphere, the flood, the pollution, the annoying peoples." Well, pasti kebanyakan dari kalian bakal mikir gitu kan? Tapi, hey. Jakarta enggak seburuk itu kook. Justru masyarakatnya yang bikin citra Jakarta makin buruk di mata dunia.

 Gue lahir di jakarta. Main dari mainan kampung sampe elite di Jakarta. Sekolah di Jakarta. Semuanya di Jakarta. Dan emang sih, dari gue lahir sampe sekarang, Jakarta bukannya tambah baik malah get worse. Huuuh. Tapi(dunno why)justru gue suka sama semua itu. Hahahah. Dari yang baik-baik sampe hal terburuknya. Lah itu kan kota kita, so we must take the risk when we decided to live here, right?
Stop complaining. Cause there were so many reason why we have to love our city:

  1. We were live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Gak semua orang punya kesempatan tinggal di Jakarta kan?
  2. Kemajuan kota Jakarta juga udah jauh lebih baik daripada di desa. So guys, kalo macet atau apa, yaitu resiko kita. Jelas beda sama yang di desa
  3. Pendidikan yang didapet di Jakarta juga harus di syukurin. Gak mungkin banget kan lo kenal 'apple,' 'blackberry,' atau semacemnya kalo lo msh tinggal di desa?
  4. The fashion, too! I bet you couldn't wear any little-black-dress or maybe tube-dress in village. Pemikiran mereka pun udah beda sama kita
  5. And so many more reason that I couldn't described one by one
Ya intinya. We must be proud of Jakarta, no matter how messy it is. I HEART U, JEKARDAH! Happy gets older! Be better;)

Here it is, I got some pictures of Jakarta that secretly amaze so much...

 Jakarta in the night. Such a cool view!

Jakarta's another fuckin cool view



Well, heeeey readersssss! Guess why I put more letter in the back of the words? It was expressed how I missed blogging. But again and again, I dont have much spare time to post something. Yeah, forget about it. I'm back \:D/
Well, FRESH TERM, FRESH ME means.. It was the end of the term. Yupp, I'm going to be a 11th grader now!! Wow, have you ever wondering how time flies so fuckin fast?! Yes, believe it or not. I've been spending my last 1 year in senior high school-- I don't really happy to write this. Not an easy year but I have to pass day by day.
And nooow! I'm waiting for the 'judgement day'. Hahahha. Sounds so creepy. Why? Because it's hard to get a good scores in my school(it's not because my brain isn't work, but the teachers are very uncool>.<) Hopefully the result won't make me dissapointed or something like that. Amen.
Third(or maybe fourth?), I've got a new-hair-cut. Yippie! The last one is very terrible. There was so much problem with my old hair. So, I decided to cut my hair. Well, here it is. My new hair cut. Hope it will grow faster. Amen

Please, be nice hair. Be in health with me T_T

Kamis, 24 Februari 2011

Kinda miss dancing

Hola, everybody. Well, how's life goin'? Is it getting better? Or maybe getting worse? Hahahah. This is our life for. Just live it ;p. Well, it's been soooo long since my last post. Yea, too many sucking thing to do out there. But now I am back! Again and again, with my old-life-story.
Yea, I miss dancing, anyway. Well actually, I don't stop dancing. I just stop showing it to the others. Terakhir banget gue bener-bener ngedance itu kelas 9 semester 1. Gilaaaa. Kangen banget. I miss shaking my body, moving wild, taking some unpredictable steps. Yea, I miss that absolutely.
Suka merana sendiri kalo ngeliat orang lagi nge dance(ya ngga gitu juga sih.) Ya intinya.. saya rindu menari.Itu saja.
Well, it's not more than an useless post. Just wanna say "hello again" to you, guys! Keep shaking the world! \m/

Jumat, 10 Desember 2010

They're Pathetic

Well, yeah. What's up ya guys? Kinda miss to post something;p Now, am going to tell you abt how desperate they are to get a popularity. Poor 'em!

Them. Yeah. How could I describe 'em? A pathetics? Not really. They're nice (sometimes-kalo ada maunya). I'm just..Hell. I put my deep condolences on their pathetic way to be a cool one. The way they scream-out-loud, which is really annoying. Dipikir bagus kali teriak-teriak gitu? The way they make their own rules, yang mana 'so eew.' Yang inilah yang itulah.

Dan lebih kesiannya, nggak cewek nggak cowok sama. Bingung makanya, cowok aja kelakuannya gitu. Gimana yang cewek. "You guys have to be a solid team..Bla Bla Bla." Puh-leazee!! I don't even think about any 'solidarity' since I stepped in senior high. Not even.

I mean..c'mon. It's senior high. Just being like an ordinary-senior-high-student. Gausah bergaya ini-itu. Ngejar nilai aja udah susah kan? Stop thinking that everybody would love you cos you're exist, popular, ah-doh-rable. BIG NO! No, in-a-million-way!

Sounds too sarcastic, huh? Tapi emang gue gak suka. Just it. I hate the way you tryin' to be admited. Just let it flow, please. And, yeah. I really lose my shympatic on ya guys. I don't respect anymore, sow-ree. As a FRIEND, Cuman mau bilang ajaaa. Tak didengar pun tak apa ;p. But remember! Time goes! Nothing would stays. Sekarang kalian diatas, siapa yang tau kalo besok kalian bakal ada di kasta paling bawah. PALING BAWAH! :>

From ur closest friend..

And ur biggest enemy:>


Senin, 15 November 2010


Hello, guys! As the title, WAZZUP?! Hope you'll in a good mood there! Bdw, long time no post, huh? Yeah, those sucker peoples (teachers. red) are always annoyed me with their fuckin useless hmwrk. Yeah, that's what student for-_-
Bytheway, I wanna share bout my new hobby. Not hobby at all. Just to spend my spare time. Last saturday, I and my friend have recorded some video. Yes, we cover some songs there and share it to youtube. One more time, it was just to spend our spare time.
Check this out!
Here, we cover a song from Chris Brown ft. Jordin Sparks, NO AIR

And, here. we sang TELEPHONE from Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce

Hope you'll check the others. Visit our channel on youtube.
The link:

Don't forget to leave ur comment ;)

Selasa, 14 September 2010

A Girl's Bad Project

Yes, just an un-important picture. Just wanna share-______________-

Oh, Girl. What the hell was you did there?

We'll be always together, right? Two in one :)

Tryin' so hard to be a princess? I pity you

Cute? NOPE!