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Jumat, 10 Desember 2010

They're Pathetic

Well, yeah. What's up ya guys? Kinda miss to post something;p Now, am going to tell you abt how desperate they are to get a popularity. Poor 'em!

Them. Yeah. How could I describe 'em? A pathetics? Not really. They're nice (sometimes-kalo ada maunya). I'm just..Hell. I put my deep condolences on their pathetic way to be a cool one. The way they scream-out-loud, which is really annoying. Dipikir bagus kali teriak-teriak gitu? The way they make their own rules, yang mana 'so eew.' Yang inilah yang itulah.

Dan lebih kesiannya, nggak cewek nggak cowok sama. Bingung makanya, cowok aja kelakuannya gitu. Gimana yang cewek. "You guys have to be a solid team..Bla Bla Bla." Puh-leazee!! I don't even think about any 'solidarity' since I stepped in senior high. Not even.

I mean..c'mon. It's senior high. Just being like an ordinary-senior-high-student. Gausah bergaya ini-itu. Ngejar nilai aja udah susah kan? Stop thinking that everybody would love you cos you're exist, popular, ah-doh-rable. BIG NO! No, in-a-million-way!

Sounds too sarcastic, huh? Tapi emang gue gak suka. Just it. I hate the way you tryin' to be admited. Just let it flow, please. And, yeah. I really lose my shympatic on ya guys. I don't respect anymore, sow-ree. As a FRIEND, Cuman mau bilang ajaaa. Tak didengar pun tak apa ;p. But remember! Time goes! Nothing would stays. Sekarang kalian diatas, siapa yang tau kalo besok kalian bakal ada di kasta paling bawah. PALING BAWAH! :>

From ur closest friend..

And ur biggest enemy:>


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