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Selasa, 21 Juni 2011


Well, heeeey readersssss! Guess why I put more letter in the back of the words? It was expressed how I missed blogging. But again and again, I dont have much spare time to post something. Yeah, forget about it. I'm back \:D/
Well, FRESH TERM, FRESH ME means.. It was the end of the term. Yupp, I'm going to be a 11th grader now!! Wow, have you ever wondering how time flies so fuckin fast?! Yes, believe it or not. I've been spending my last 1 year in senior high school-- I don't really happy to write this. Not an easy year but I have to pass day by day.
And nooow! I'm waiting for the 'judgement day'. Hahahha. Sounds so creepy. Why? Because it's hard to get a good scores in my school(it's not because my brain isn't work, but the teachers are very uncool>.<) Hopefully the result won't make me dissapointed or something like that. Amen.
Third(or maybe fourth?), I've got a new-hair-cut. Yippie! The last one is very terrible. There was so much problem with my old hair. So, I decided to cut my hair. Well, here it is. My new hair cut. Hope it will grow faster. Amen

Please, be nice hair. Be in health with me T_T

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