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Kamis, 03 Juni 2010


Jadi gini ya. Beberapa hari yang lalu, gue iseng-iseng chatting di omegle. Males banget sih sebenernya. Pasti ngga bener semua. Tapi yaudahlah. Daripada bosen sendiri. And you have to know, guys. Pas gue lagi males-malesnya, ada yang say hi. Terus................ Wakakak. Baca aja deh:p

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hey
Stranger: hiiiiiiii :3
You: who's there?
Stranger: jesus
You: what the hell
Stranger: hell is not my territory, my child
You: dear god's sake. who's there?
Stranger: jesus the christ my son
You: so who the hell are you?
Stranger: why do you keep mantioning hell all the time, my son?
You: cause you tell me that you're jesus
You: are ucrazy????
Stranger: I am jesus, my son
You: really?
Stranger: yes
You: so, where are u now?
You: hey jesus?
Stranger: in jerusalem, my final resting place
Stranger: I shall stay here until I die
You: hah? you don't in heaven?
Stranger: no, I have just been resurrected by some jews here
You: what?
You: so u still alive?
Stranger: I am, I am reborn
You: hah? reallyyyyyyy?
Stranger: yes, my son
You: if that's true. would u meet me????;p
Stranger: if you want you can always meet me on 13 Coosemek st. in jerusalem israel
You: I mean, would u meet me in Indonesia?
You: I can't go to jerusalem
Stranger: I cant move from this place for it is the place that my father have set me in until my next life
You: reallyyyyy?
You: you're cool
You: but how can you stay connected to omegle
You: don't you hv some job?
Stranger: be a saint and spread the word of christianity
You: so, how can you stay connected in omegle?
Stranger: I have this hip new thing called a personal computor here
You: wowwwwwww? cool
You: so how about 2012?
You: is that really the end of the day?
Stranger: they gave it to me to find a place called "googgllell" but Im not sure where it is
You: cool
You: how about 2012?
Stranger: what about it, my son?
You: yes, I mean is that really the end of the day?
Stranger: thats the Mayan belief the only true belief is christianity, trust me and you'll go to heaven
Stranger: and be a Mormon
You: but I still want alive:'(
Stranger: stfu and die
Stranger: I mean, all people reach to this point of their life my son
You: really?
You: but, I still can't trust that you're jesus, for sure
Stranger: I do not ask you to believe I ask you to give me your cash
You: LOL
Stranger: farewell, my son, I have the message of god to deliver here
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Wakakakkak. Seru banget padahal tuh. Ehh, Jesus-nya malah off. Coepoe nih ngibulnya. Wakakakakak:p

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